Bobbie Kohlenberg

Bobbie grew up on a sheep station in the New England region where her father worked as a jackaroo and classical music only existed in cartoons!

At seven years of age she was mesmerised by a cello in their landlord’s home and dreamt of one day learning to play and own her own. It didn’t become reality until she was forty and working as a registered nurse that a patient reminded her that ‘now is the time to follow your dreams’.

Determined to fulfil her childhood dream, Bobbie acquired a cello and began lessons at forty years of age with Belinda Manwaring, an outstanding professional cellist who has performed with the Australian Chamber Orchestra and Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

In addition to being a wonderful cello player, she plays guitar and has sung in a folk band. Bobbie’s favourite composer is Bach, and she loves Beethoven too.

Looking back, Bobbie says ‘I was a little naive, but as soon as I held the bow in my hand, I was determined to do whatever was required to become a cellist. I was at the very first LSO rehearsal in 2003 and I could hardly play. Twenty years later and here I am! The LSO is a constant joy in my life. the talented musicians in the orchestra are also the most encouraging, supportive and inclusive group you could meet. Best decision I ever made’.

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