Brian Hughes

Brian serves as an inspiration for adults venturing into musical pursuits, proving that with determination, it’s never too late to take up an instrument.

Despite initially learning viola during his school years without reaching a notable proficiency, he stored it away when he went to university to study medicine. He became an accomplished specialist in infectious diseases, sexual health, internal medicine, and viral hepatology.

At 47, in 2012, with a renewed enthusiasm for the viola, he enrolled in lessons at the Newcastle Conservatorium. He joined Orchestra Nova and Musicus Medicus in 2012 and 2013, respectively, and also joined the Sutherland Shire Symphony Orchestra, received tutoring from Sydney Symphony violist, Andrew Jerzek, and played with the Australian Doctor’s Orchestra.

Successfully admitted to the World Doctors Orchestra in 2014, he toured and recorded internationally in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and USA. The WDO meets four times per year for several days of rehearsals to then perform concerts, with the proceeds going to medical aid organisations. While on tour, he was invited to play in a string quartet in a dedicated chamber music hall within a mansion for the Friends of the Buffalo Philharmonic. He took the opportunity to join local orchestras while on tour, performing with the National Institutes of Health Philharmonia. and playing principal viola with the Buffalo Philharmonic (a professional orchestra).

Relocating to Lismore in 2018, he continued viola studies with Michael McCabe, joined the Lismore Symphony Orchestra, and engaged in various chamber groups. After a year in Rockhampton playing with their symphony orchestra, Brian returned to Lismore in 2023, poised to resume his musical pursuits.

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