Elizabeth Grange

Although Elizabeth spent most of her working life as a psychologist, her passion has always been music.

At the age of eight, she began learning piano and then violin in Sydney, being awarded a number of Trinity College Australian Local Exhibitions and later, the A.Mus.A for piano and violin. She joined the then-titled BMC Youth Orchestra before life sent her in other directions and relegated her violin to a cupboard. During that time, she taught secondary school music and piano, and ESL to adults before transferring to a career in psychology.

Thirteen years later, she was invited to play violin with her old school orchestra for a concert at the Sydney Town Hall. This led to her joining country rock and bush bands in Sydney and then the Southern Highlands where she discovered the joy of playing diverse genres of music and the challenge of improvisation.

In the Southern Highlands, Elizabeth began teaching piano and violin and joined trios and quartets, playing at many weddings and other functions. She returned to psychology but joined a number of local orchestras eventually leading the Highland Sinfonia, The Highlands Proms and Highland Theatre Company orchestras, performing in around fifteen musicals.

Since relocating to the Northen Rivers in 2012, Elizabeth has joined the Lismore Symphony and Amatori Orchestras plus the Mullumbimby Folk orchestra. She also plays with Orkeztra Lizmore, Kurchata and the Gone Bush band. She feels very fortunate to enjoy the company of wonderful musicians and conductors while exploring and learning incredible music from all parts of the world.

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