Heidi Smith

Heidi joined the LSO in 2008, humbly referring to herself as ‘just your average community player’.

At 11 years of age, the trombone chose Heidi (her arm was long enough!), and despite her father likening her early attempts to a foghorn, she eagerly commenced playing with the Mudgee Junior Brass Band.

Showing remarkable initiative and determination, she taught herself to read music and play the trombone using the standard method book, ‘A Tune A Day’. She has played in various community bands ever since and also plays the often underrated, yet powerful tuba.

She fell in love with the bass trombone around 2013 for its amazing versatility, allowing the expression of many moods: ‘It can be mellow, forceful, solemn, comical, colourful, menacing or lyrical, possessing a unique, deep tone that commands attention and adds a layer of richness to any ensemble with its darker timbre and full, rich sound’. Often overlooked, she admires its ability to reach into nearly every section of the orchestra, whether adding support where needed, or asserting its own voice.

Sound quality is paramount to Heidi, who is always striving to create the highest quality tone. She adds that understanding one’s role within the orchestra, and the broader context of the music, is essential.

Heidi explains ‘It’s a privilege to play with such an amazing group of musicians. I’m Aspie so I find the social aspects of music difficult but I enjoy sharing the musical journey’.

When Heidi is not at her part-time job as an accounts clerk, she also enjoys nature journalling, watercolour painting, bird and nature photography, hiking, and reading (mostly non-fiction).

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