Hudson Birden

Hudson Birden began his formal musical training on the alto saxophone when he was 8. He formally studied that instrument for 5 years before being introduced to the baritone sax by his excellent music teachers, and this became his main instrument throughout junior high school, high school, and university.

At age 16, he took up the electric bass guitar. At 23 he joined his second band and became professional, but within a year realised that the life of a touring musician was not for him. His next ten years were devoted to career building (epidemiology) and family raising, with little time for music, except for singing in a choir (his vocal range is also bass).

A chance meeting with a music director at a conference led to his first hiring as a pit orchestra member for a musical theatre company. Over the next 20 years he took up the double bass and became the first call bass player for five musical theatre companies in his state of Connecticut (part time professional work).

At the turn of the century, a career move brought Hudson to Australia. Within weeks of arriving, he encountered a theatre group in need of a bass player, and through that became the house bass player for the Ballina Players and, subsequently, Bangalow Theatre company.

At one Bangalow Theatre production, the other members of the pit orchestra, all of whom were in Lismore Symphony, encouraged him to come along to a rehearsal. At that first Sunday rehearsal he was delighted with the warm welcome he received and the high level of proficiency of the orchestra. He is proud to now be a member.

He also hosts a music program, ‘Postmodern Backlash’, on BayFM 99.9 and is Chair of the Human Research Ethics Committee at Townsville University Hospital and Health Service.

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