Kate Gabbarelli

Thanks to the UK government’s support of the arts in schools, Kate began learning music at 6 years old with recorder lessons alongside the rest of her class, after relocating from Switzerland to England. Taking to it like a duck to water, she was allocated the flute at 9 years old (a teacher might have caught her playing the recorder sideways!), receiving free group lessons throughout her schooling and participated and continues to participate in many ensembles. A highlight was the Dorset Youth Concert Band trip to Prague in 1995. She attained ABRSM grade 8 at 18.

From the age of 8 her main focus was becoming a veterinary surgeon, which she achieved in 2000, graduating from the University of Liverpool with commendation. The various emotional strains of the profession meant twenty years in her dream career were interspersed with an eclectic array of other occupations as surf instructor, industrial sewing machinist, kitchen-hand and flute teacher. She currently works happily as a cleaner in her spare time, with her main activities consisting of surfing, flute playing, bushwalking and promoting the orchestra, aiming to live each day to its fullest.

After moving to Australia in 2003 for the waves, she fell in love with the wildlife, forests and friendliness of the people and joined Lismore Symphony Orchestra in 2013. She relishes the challenges in the music that reveal gaps in her technique so she can continue to improve. Her favourite genres to play are Romantic, early 20th century, Baroque and world music, and she cherishes the friendships that music has brought into her life.

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